March 26, 2015

Memoirs, III.

26 Muna 208 Valadian.


26 Muna 208 Valadian.

I think that the affects of the people and situations I've encountered in Savannah have made permanent and lasting implications on my perception of the South. I do not believe in the existence of charming, eloquent, and romantic Southern gentlemen. I just see narrow-minded, self absorbed, racially prejudiced idiots with disparaging opinions of people who do not resemble themselves. They do not harbor the slightest notion of commitment, nor are they capable of any measure of loyalty-- and they think they are entitled to something they feel should cater solely to them. In their eyes, people are objects--- to be preferred over the other on the premise of skin color indiscriminate of their intrinsic qualities, economic status, and extrinsic achievements. It is one thing to prefer someone else because what you encountered was not physically attractive to you, it is another to reject someone simply because their skin tone was darker than yours. There are plenty of beautiful black men out there---many who do not conform to the negative stereotypes commonly associated with black men in America. There are also many ugly white men out there whose very interest I would shutter at the thought of receiving. So do not think just because Western society cherishes one more than the other, that it can be applied to every individual who fits the physical description of the other. This is an issue in Southern gay communities that Savannah exacerbated gravely.

Every Southern city is comprised of homogenous populations. Between the two factions-- gay and straight, both adhere to the taboo that both races should not mix. Jim Crow's "separate, but equal" mantra still applies when it comes to matters of the heart. I am willing to realize that while segregation was in the mindsets of all Americans, it was in the heart of Southern men and women. The government can mandate that communities be desegregated, but they cannot change the heart. And they shouldn't. But I should then also have the choice without retaliation or criticism to be a pessimist and write off all Southern men as people unworthy of my time. If it's okay to prefer white over black, it's okay to prefer North over South.